Deal or No Deal Join ‘N Play is a five player slot machine with a large overhead screen for the community bonus round. For a time there was also a Deal or No Deal Join ‘N Play 2.

The game is based on the TV show that debuted in 2005, hosted by Howie Mandell.

Debuting in 2008, the game was produced by Atronic Gaming, part of Spielo Gaming, which appears to no longer be in business. Therefore, the machines are no longer in production.

The large display was produced by Creative Surfaces Inc The main screen is built with five 40″ screens and produces a large visual display for the community bonus round, the countdown clock (to the bonus round), and various visuals to attract players.

At each of the five individual gaming stations is a touch screen with speakers (volume is not adjustable) as well as a button pad. The central button pad buttons have a display screen embedded in the buttons and dynamically changes depending on the mode of game play. Additionally there are a series of static buttons: one Max Bet and one Spin button on each side as well as a Cash Out and Service button.

There are five betting options: $0.50, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, and $2.50 (Max Bet). The bet amount is selected by pushing one of the five buttons. Either cash or a ticket can be inserted to add value to the machine. Cashing out produces a redeemable printed ticket.