Build Your Win Bonus

The third, and best, mini bonus is the Build Your Win Bonus. This is the purple and red bonus.

When you trigger the bonus, you are offered five cases. Under the cases are three spots that you are going to fill in during the bonus. Depending on your bet level, the “Credit x” will be between 1 and 5.

Along the left of the screen are the values of the various cases. These change, but the lowest is always going to be a “3” and the highest is going to be “7”, “8”, or best of all, “9”. The higher values have less cases, the lower numbers have the most cases.

You pick one case to open. This case will hold one of the values. You then pick a spot to put the case. You then pick a second number and chose a spot for it.

You want to put the highest value all the way to the left and the lower values to the right.

The reason is that you are building the dollar amount you will win the bonus. In the photo above, the prize will be $7.6X, with X being either a 3 or a 4 as those are the options left.

Since the bet was $2.50, the total amount will be multiplied by 5.

In the example above, if the next case was a 3, then the cash prize would be $7.63 x 5 for a case prize of $38.15.

Plus, you get the number of qualifying cases displayed in each picked case. In the example above, that would be a total of 25 qualifying cases.