Howie Jackpot

Each machine has an individual progressive jackpot known as the Howie Jackpot. Jackpots start at $50. When a player cashes out at their machine while they still have cases towards community bonus qualification, it increases the jackpot total. For each case, the jackpot goes up between $0.50 and $1.00 it seems.

In the example on this page, the jackpot is $528.80 and you can see it in the upper right corner of the screen.

Each individual machine has its own jackpot amount. Machine 1 might have $500 and Machine 2 might only have $75. It is always best to sit down at the machine with the highest amount in the jackpot unless you know you won’t be betting max bet.

Winning the Howie Jackpot

There are two conditions for winning the Howie Jackpot.

  1. You must be betting Max Bet ($2.50 per spin) AND
  2. You must get five Howie symbols — one on each reel. Wilds count as Howies.

If you do this, you earn the jackpot and the jackpot resets to $50.