Community Bonus

The big draw of Deal or No Deal is the community bonus round. The round automatically starts every 11 minutes. Any of the five players that has qualified during the previous 11 minutes (by getting at least 18 cases) gets to play in the community bonus. If no player qualifies, the clock resets.

No matter where you are in game play, if you have qualified when the clock gets to to zero, your screen locks up with the Join’N Play Bonus logo (above). If you are in the middle of a mystery bonus, the bonus pauses and will restart at the end of the community bonus round.

You are then presented with the choice to pick one of 18 cases on your individual screen.

You pick a case that is your case for the community bonus round. Multiple players may pick the same case. There is no strategy at play here; just pick a case.

The large board then shows which case each player picked along with the possible values of each case.

There are 18 cases total; each with a different value. The lowest value is $0.50 and the highest is $50.00. Depending on how many cases you earned in the previous 11 minutes, you may have a multiplier. If you collected 180 cases, your multiplier would be x10. The values would then be from $5.00 to $500.00

During the first round, the computer “opens” four cases, revealing the values inside. These cases are ones that players have not picked. The value that was in those cases are removed from the board since they are no longer in play.

You are hoping for low numbers to be revealed; as that increases the chances that you have one of the high values in your case.

The “banker” then offers a value. It is the same value for each player and it is roughly the average value of the remaining cases.

In the example above, the banker offers each player $8.43.

You are then given the option of Deal or No Deal. “Deal” means you take the bankers offer. “No Deal” means you turn down the offer and continue to the next round when additional cases will be opened.

In the example above, I had x17 multiplier, so my offer was $8.43 x 17 = $143.31.

In this instance, I took the deal for the guaranteed $143.31.

While the community bonus is over for me at this time, the other players go on and four more cases are opened, revealing their values.

As long as there are players remaining, the rounds go on, opening less cases each round. Below is a photo of Round 3 when the big $50.00 case was opened.

At the end of the bonus round, once there are just five cases left, you receive one final offer. If you do not take it, you are then given the option to switch your cases for one of the other unopened cases on the board.

I have no idea if it is better to switch your case or keep it. It makes me think of the Monty Hall problem, but I don’t know if it applies to this game.

In the end, all cases are revealed and you are shown the values of everyone’s cases.

The clock resets to 11 minutes and the countdown begins again.