Basic Game Play

At the most basic level, Deal or No Deal Join ‘N Play is a 5 reel digital slot machine. There are a total of three rows across the five columns (reels).

There are a total of 243 ways to win. A prize is awarded whenever there are at least three of the same symbol, one in each row, starting at reel 1 on the lefthand side. There are no winning lines to keep track of which makes it a pretty easy game to learn.

The symbols are 9, J, Q, K, and A as well as the higher value “briefcase girls”, red, green, purple and yellow. Additionally there are Wild symbols that can be substituted for every symbol. The highest value symbol is Howie himself.

Winnings start at $0.10 for three 9s at a $0.50 bet (or $0.50 at $2.50 bet). The highest non-jackpot win is five yellow ladies which earns $35 at $2.50 bet.


During the 11 minutes between each community bonus game, players earn cases. 18 cases qualifies you for the bonus round. Every additional 18 cases adds a multiplier value. So if you earn 36 cases during the 11 minute round, you would get a x2 multiplier. 180 cases would earn you a x10 multiplier.

In the photo below, you will see the qualified multiplier is at x9 and is just one case away from going to x10.

Cases are earned randomly when a symbol has a case value attached to it. The symbol does not need to be part of a winning combination to earn the cases.

The cases on each symbol can range from 1 to 5 and can be on multiple symbols each spin. You also get a multiplier ranging from x1 to x10. In the example below, you will see there were 3 cases attached to the A on the right. The x10 multiplier made it 30 cases.

Cases only count on reels based on your bet. In the photo above, the bet is 250 ($2.50 per spin). When you bet 250, then all reels are active for case earning. If you bet 50 ($0.50), then only the first reel is in play for case earning. A reel is added for every increase in bet. Another way you can tell which reels are “active” is by looking above the top row — if the cases are yellow, it means that reel is active.

Customizing Your Name

You can also add your name (or whatever name you want) by tapping “Change Name” on the screen. It brings up a virtual keyboard and you can add your name.

The default name is “PLAYER #” from 1 to 5 depending on your seat at the game.

When you pick a case during the community bonus round, your entered name will show up on the case. You can see below that PLAYER 1 picked case number 15.